Cultured Stone Sealer – Permanent Moisture Barrier

Cultured Stone Sealer – Permanent Moisture Barrier

Cultured stone is usually called manufactured stone because it is produced in a factory and not mined from the earth’s core. Cultured stone cannot be waterproofed at the factory that is why Wakefield Mfg. has come up with an ultimate stone sealing system as protection from wind driven rain. Once the cultured stone sealerhas been applied, a permanent moisture barrier is created.

Many homeowners prefer cultured stone because it cheaper than real stone. If a large area has to be covered with stone, substantial savings will be generated if cultured stone is used as an alternative to real stone. Aside from the cost, real stone can be particularly heavy and not always suggested for fireplaces and countertops. Real stone can be a big issue if the floor in not properly reinforced because it might not accommodate the extra weight.

After manufactured stone has been installed and sealed with cultured stone sealer, it will be very difficult to determine the difference from real stone. Once the cultured stone sealer has been applied, the stone’s color and variations will be enhanced. Many cultured stones have become so realistic that you cannot tell them apart from real stone. However, before moving forward with the installation project, it is important to ensure that the coating technology used will allow the stones to breathe. The protection must not require re-application every few years.

When sealed, cultured stone will not crack or chip, swell or break. The color fastness of the stone will be protected to retain the aesthetic beauty of the home’s exterior. If the cultured stone that has installed in the exterior has not been sealed, there is the risk of being saturated causing it to crack, break or lose its color. Aside from protection against moisture, the sealant will also protect the home’s exterior from mud and dirt stains.

While it is not compulsory to protect cultured stone that has been installed in the interior, it is recommended for fireplaces to prevent soot stains. Since the bathroom has excessive moisture, it is important to seal the manufactured stone in the countertop for water resistance and protection against stains.